I Wrote a Thing: Web Image Share

By John Hostile on July 17, 2013

Recently on Google+ I wrote about a little Windows trick that makes sharing images from the web to social networks easier. It was a pretty popular post (by my standards), and it got me thinking about sharing images on my Android devices. Android has the power of intents (which I love to wield), and I thought I should be able to make image sharing from the web to other apps on Android a pretty simple thing.

So I did.

I called it “Web Image Share” because I’m an extremely gifted app namer. I know it’s only a small thing that helps share images from the web, but I’ve decided to release it here for anyone lovely enough to come and read these words. You’re a beautiful person, and you deserve it.

This is the link to the Web Image Share APK.

The app is almost entirely intent-based, but it’s ok if you don’t know what that means. Share a URL of some kind to it (generally this will happen when sharing from a browser like Chrome, but apps like the Tumblr app and Imgur app also share out URLs, if I remember correctly). From there, you should be able to figure things out. It’s really pretty simple. I actually think it’s easier to share images on Android now than it is on any other OS. Intents are just that good.

If you can’t install APKs manually, or just prefer to get things from the Play Store directly, send me a message on Google+ and I’ll add you to the private beta community. I could be convinced to publish it publicly if people care that much, but for now I prefer to keep it private and not deal with 1-star reviews from users who aren’t familiar with intent-based apps.

If you end up trying it out, I hope you’ll let me know about it. I would appreciate it.

Side-note: I think releasing software, even if it’s not a big deal, is a better way to update a blog that hasn’t been updated in a while than apologizing for lack of content. I hope you’d agree.